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Managed services and full support for the entire IT infrastructure 

Solvita is one of the most important social institutions in Switzerland, with over 600 jobs and a broad spectrum for the integration and empowerment of people in need of support. Work is carried out at several locations and in various occupational groups such as office, electronics, mechanics and logistics. In addition to sheltered workplaces, the Solvita Foundation also provides housing, staff positions, IV training places and employment opportunities. Our IT services ensure that the IT infrastructure of the Solvita Foundation is always up-to-date.


  • Managed services for maximum security
  • 24/7 support for clients and servers
  • hardware services
  • License Management
  • Joint implementation of IT projects
  • Security solutions including training

«For our employees at Solvita the work on and with people is the focus of attention. In MTF, in turn, we have a partner who takes care of our IT needs. MTF takes action itself, establishes the links in the background and, if necessary, contacts suppliers and other departments independently. This is a great enrichment for us.»

Thomas Oberholzer | CIO | Solvita Foundation

Security, communication and support perfect care around the clock 


The high complexity of the IT infrastructure and the process-relevant communication for the Solvita Foundation had to be simplified, partially modernised and made more secure. With over 600 workstations at several locations, the Solvita Foundation requires reliable systems and appropriate contingency insurance at all times. Due to its activities in the social and health care sector, round-the-clock monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure is necessary. Due to sensitive data, an emergency call system and communication across locations, the reliability of the server systems, the network environment, the communication technology and reliable support have top priority. Therefore, a modern network infrastructure, a reliable VoIP solution, 24/7 support and an efficient security solution had to be implemented on time.


In order to meet the requirements of a modern and secure network environment, the first step was to ensure reliable networking of the sites by switching from copper to fibre optic cable. Subsequently, the existing communication solution was renewed and simplified with a modern VoIP solution. With these steps, the requirement for a secure and up-to-date network environment with modern technology was met. With our Managed Service offer, including 24/7 support for the entire IT infrastructure, the necessary support is always available in the event of technical problems. We thus guarantee fast and professional support at any time of day or night. Our implemented security solutions enable you to work in a highly secure IT environment, with licenses that are updated at any time and guarantee secure storage of all sensitive data. Our offer is supplemented by staff training and a constant exchange of information regarding current and future relevant technologies.

 SOLVITA Foundation 

The Solvita Foundation and its facilities create a living space for people with a disability. To this end it maintains a school, workshops and various forms of accommodation. It fulfils this task with trained and motivated staff so that all employees can develop co-responsibility and initiative. The foundation is financed by income from its own work, funds from the disability insurance scheme, the public sector as well as private donations. Furthermore, the Solvita Foundation promotes public understanding of people with disabilities.




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Ümit Celebi
Key Account Manager