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MTF cloud backup is a professional, reliable and simple online data backup solution suitable for companies of all sizes. It operates fully automatically without any input required from you.

Your advantages 

  • Automated daily data backups in the cloud
  • Fixed calculable monthly costs
  • Encrypted backups, only the customer can view the data
  • Backups at several redundant MTF data centers in Switzerland
  • No backup know-how necessary
  • Low Internet bandwidth utilization

MTF cloud backup Your reliable online backup solution 

Cloud backup involves the fully automated daily backing up of your server and/or client data on the servers at MTF’s data centers, optionally at one or two locations. The data are transferred to us across the Internet along secure tunnels. The connection requires only very little bandwidth. During transfer and storage, the data are protected by extremely secure encryption. No-one can view the data, not even MTF’s staff. Only you have the decryption key.

You need no backup know-how yourself. Data – including as little as individual e-mails – can be restored extremely simply using the intuitive online tool. Fixed, calculable monthly fees ensure you always keep control of your budget.

On request, backups can be periodically exported to external storage media. The recovery appliance also stores customer data on site.

We back up your data daily on your behalf. MTF takes over the complete backup management.

Your data is stored encrypted – and therefore illegibly – and securely at our Swiss data centers.

Technical information 

Certified encryption

Our online backups are encrypted using an FIPS-approved AES block cipher.

Complete backup encryption

Third parties cannot access this data, not even via MTF (alone controlled key). Only you, the customer, can decrypt the backups.

End-to-end encryption

Every single step of the backup process is encrypted. The entire process runs highly encrypted and securely.

Front-end deduplication/compression

Only those data that have truly been changed are sent to our data centers. This dramatically cuts backup times.

Bare metal restore

Servers can restore hardware completely and automatically, no matter what the manufacturer.

Failover in the MTF cloud

In the event that the local infrastructure is destroyed completely, backups can be started in the cloud within a short space of time.

Support for all standard systems

Windows server/client, Novell Netware, Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM ISeries, IBM AIX, Exchange, SQL.

Backups at MTF data centers and with you on premise

Express recovery appliance data storage ensures that data is stored not only at the data centers, but also locally with you. Restoration independent of the Internet is therefore possible immediately.

Redundant storage

Backups are always stored at no fewer than two MTF data centers

Low Internet bandwidth utilization

Our modern backup technology makes very low demands on your Internet bandwidth.



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