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Veeam backups in the MTF cloud 

Avoid the risks of catastrophic data loss through fire, water or natural disasters by outsourcing your Veeam backups to a second location. Backup copy is a simple way to outsource backups to the MTF cloud with little effort. You don’t require any know-how whatsoever, nor do you need to change your existing IT environment. Your valuable data are stored safely in your own, separate, isolated area (private cloud).

Your advantages 

  • Veeam backups also at an external location
  • Fixed calculable costs
  • No changes to the existing IT environment
  • No additional backup know-how necessary
  • Simple operation using your existing backup tools
  • Low Internet bandwidth utilization
  • Freely selectable storage options

Veeam backups securely stored at a second location 

You back up you data using Veeam and can outsource those backups to the MTF cloud with just a few clicks using Veeam Cloud Connect. Backups are transferred as desired via an SSL connection. The transfer of the data requires only very little Internet bandwidth. The backup is then stored at the high-security data centers of MTF Swiss Cloud. You are free to determine the storage criteria and intervals to suit your requirements. As a result, your existing Veeam backups are perfectly mirrored at another location. Your existing backup management console is expanded by the addition of Veeam Cloud Connect. This enables you to monitor your backups easily and in the accustomed manner using your own tools. However, the data can also be restored directly from the MTF cloud using your accustomed restore procedure.

Veeam Cloud Connect perfectly supplements your existing local infrastructure through the addition of another two Swiss backup locations in the MTF Business Cloud.

Technical information 

A secure second location for your backup data

Backups are stored at the MTF data center in your personal, isolated backup container.

Redundant storage

Backups are stored in one redundant or optionally georedundant in several MTF data centres.

End-to-end encryption

High-security transmission of backup data via SSL (AES 256), directly from endpoint to endpoint.

Complete monitoring of backups

Optional complete backup control by MTF. With this, you needn’t worry about anything any longer because we proactively monitor your backups.

Minimal bandwidth utilization

Thanks to incremental transfers and optimal WAN acceleration, small Internet bandwidth is sufficient.

Failover in the MTF cloud

In the event that the local infrastructure is destroyed completely, backups can be started in the cloud within a short space of time.

Freely selectable storage criteria

Support for daily, weekly, monthly annual or GFS (grandfather-father-son) backups, depending on your specifications.

Comprehensive restoration from the cloud

Restoration of complete VMs, virtual VM discs, individual VM files and even OS guest files is possible.

Complete transparence and control

Direct access via your own backup console to job monitoring, capacity utilization and the status of the backup memory in the cloud.

Optional backup encryption

Prevent third parties accessing your data with optional encryption of backups.

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