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Cost-effective and reliable object storage in Switzerland 

With the object storage of the MTF cloud, virtually unlimited amounts of data can be stored easily and cost-effectively. The data is always located in the highly available cloud data centres of MTF in Switzerland. With our object storage, you can store your data redundantly at one location or, for maximum availability, also georedundantly. The access works as usual via S3 API.

Your Advantages 

  • Object Storage guaranteed in Switzerland in certified MTF data centers
  • Infinite scalability down to the peta or exabyte range
  • Full S3-API compliance ensures investment protection
  • Data transport and storage always encrypted
  • Georedundant data storage possible
  • Fixed, predictable monthly costs
  • Simple management console for complete environment

The flexible solution for large data volumes 

The data can be stored in the MTF cloud system in two different, geographically separated data centers in Switzerland. Within a region, the data is stored redundantly and can also be synchronously mirrored between the regions if desired (geo-redundancy).

Largest data volumes securely stored in our certified Swiss Data Center - also georedundant with high availability on request.

Technical information 

Huge range of applications

Object Storage is particularly suitable for unstructured data such as media and web content or as backup, disaster recovery or archiving storage.

Maximum reliability

The data is always stored redundantly in one geographical region in Switzerland. Additionally, geo-redundant, synchronous storage in several geographical regions is possible.

Data storage in Switzerland

The object storage is based on the MTF Private Cloud, all data is encrypted and stored in MTF's own data centres in Switzerland.

Infinite scalability

An ideal storage solution for highly scalable and distributed systems with almost unlimited storage space.

Data protection and security

The data is always transmitted encrypted and stored according to FIPS 104-2.

Unchangeable object memory

Object Lock can be used to protect data from deletion or modification.

Highest compatibility

100% native S3 API ensures full compatibility of existing S3 applications or interfaces.

Petabyte in the MTF Cloud

native S3 API

georedundant Swiss data centers

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Rubén Saiz
Chief Executive Officer

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