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Private cloud storage with a reliable cloud memory located in Switzerland 

Thanks to synchronization, the data stored in our high-security Swiss data cloud are available to any number of devices anytime, anywhere. Synchronize your sensitive data to the cloud and share or exchange files simply with other colleagues, customers and suppliers. High-security encryption and smart data exchange ensure reliable and fast data transfer. The MTF file cloud: A reliable, discrete and fast cloud storage and file sharing solution as an alternative to Dropbox in Switzerland.

Your Advantages 

  • Encrypted data that only the customer can view
  • All data are located at several redundant data centers in Switzerland
  • Highest possible security and capacity
  • Personal and competent support
  • Mobile working
  • Low investment costs

The MTF Cloud Storage The Swiss cloud data memory 

Data stored in the MTF cloud storage can be synchronized across all terminals and are thus available to all authorized staff at all times and wherever they may be. The data are located both on your devices and additionally at MTF for security purposes. All standard device types and operating systems are supported. We guarantee the highest possible security and rapid connections. The private cloud storage is simple and intuitive to use. The data are backed up at regular intervals. Versioning is also possible. The remote wipe function can be used to delete data on a portable device that has been lost.

We react to customer feedback and are constantly developing our cloud products further and sustainably.

Technical information 

Automatic synchronization across all devices

Data are stored on terminals and additionally on servers within the MTF cloud.

Information is encrypted completely

Data are transferred encrypted and stored encrypted. Neither third parties nor MTF can access this data, (alone controlled key).

Remote wipe function

If a device is lost or stolen, the data on it can be deleted using the remote wipe function.

Versioning and backup/recovery

Data can be versioned and backed up on the MTF Private Cloud. In the event of data loss, it can be restored in just a few clicks.

Support for all standard systems

Support for all standard device types (iOS, Android, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc.).

Complete synchronization or caching

Data are synchronized completely or only the most frequently used information is transferred (to save storage space).

Diverse work areas for teamwork

Teamwork is efficiently possible thanks to workspaces with data, links, lists or even notes.

Involvement of external personnel

MTF cloud storage enables data to be passed on to third parties simply and securely.

Smart conflict management

Versions can be compared and the correct one can be confirmed simply using conflict management.

Workflow Management

Recurring tasks can be automated and legal as well as security-relevant requirements regarding access or deletion can be implemented.

Ransomware and Brute Force Protection

Highest data security against hackers thanks to integrated ransomware and brute force protection.




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Chief Executive Officer

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