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The MTF monitoring cloud is used to proactively recognize potential problems, bottlenecks and threats, and eliminate them before they can do any damage. Our ingenious monitoring solution constantly keeps you informed about the status of your IT infrastructure. MTF even offers optional Monitoring as a Service, in which it takes over all event handling, initiating the necessary measures whenever problems are reported.

Your Advantages 

  • Complete monitoring of any component
  • A smart dashboard with live view function
  • Detailed reports
  • Monitoring outsourcing incl. proactive reaction
  • Fixed calculable costs

The service 

A tracker is used to record the desired data in your IT infrastructure and transfer them to the MTF monitoring cloud in a highly encrypted way. You are automatically notified about forthcoming or current events via an encrypted Internet connection, SMS, phone and many other selectable methods. On request, MTF can take over all the monitoring for you (Monitoring as a Service). Here we react proactively to all events, initiate necessary measures and solve potential problems without any participation by you.

In addition to our cloud monitoring solution, we also have a 24/7/365 emergency response team that also offers the accustomed support outside normal business hours.

Technical information 

Comprehensive monitoring

More than 200 sensor types: Bandwidth monitoring, SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, packet sniffing, SLA and QOS monitoring, room temperature/humidity, event logging and much else besides.

Proactive monitoring

Our system uses forecast calculation to send out alerts before emergencies occur. Depending on your preferences, MTF can either inform you proactively or solve looming problems on your behalf.

Secure and powerful

Overall monitoring without agents, all data are sent highly encrypted over the Internet, up to 20,000 sensors per installation.

Open source interface

A smart dashboard with an e-mail interface for active monitoring of all and any infrastructure components.

Highly flexible notification

A variety of notification methods are possible (dashboard, SMS, e-mail, SNMP, etc.).

Limitless configuration possibilities

Escalation notification, dependencies, time schedules, maintenance mode, thresholds, monitoring in distributed networks, maps, etc.

Simple to use

A browser-based Ajax user interface with support from a live dashboard, comprehensive and detailed analysis, including automated reports.

Great flexibility

A smart MTF monitoring solution for keeping an eye on your infrastructure or complete monitoring including proactive alerts and problem-solving by MTF.




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Beat Ammann
Managing Director Region Schaffhausen