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Zero Trust is based on the principle: "Trust nothing and nobody - check everything." With Zero Trust, trust is always temporary, dynamically determined and constantly re-evaluated. A Zero Trust strategy thus comprises countless components and consists of a combination of different solutions in order to be able to ensure a much higher level of protection for your company.


  • Increasing preventive cyber security
  • Individual security solutions for SMEs
  • Highest security thanks to modern Zero Trust architecture
  • Personal advice
  • Close cooperation with leading security partners
  • Effective endpoint protection

The moat principle vs. Zero Trust 

Conventional IT systems are often protected like a castle by a moat (firewall). Inside the moat (network) the systems are considered secure, outside they are considered insecure. This principle is simple, but poses unsolved problems in the age of cloud services.


The more modern zero-trust approach attempts to take a more granular view of the system landscape and only allow access to information after multiple checks. The system landscape is divided into the categories Identity, Endpoints, Data, Apps, Infrastructure (Cloud, Server) and Network. The goal of Zero-Trust is to achieve the highest possible protection status for the company in each category.

Our services for your safety 

  • Consulting Implementation Zero-Trust
  • Identity protection: MFA, Passwordless Authentication
  • Endpoint protection: MDM, XDR, MDR, Hardening, BYOD
  • Server infrastructure: XDR, MDR, Hardening, SSO
  • Network security: Firewall, Switchting, Wireless, VPN, SASE, IDS, IPS, ATP, Deep Inspection, Reverse Proxy
  • Data: Data classification, archiving, data retention, e-discovery, DLP
  • Implementation Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Solutions
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