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Montech AG Virtualized CAD Workstations for Maximum Performance 

Montech AG offers tailor-made solutions for conveyor technology, transfer and profile systems. The company uses 3D drawings via complex CAD processes to create state-of-the-art prototypes. Thanks to the support of MTF Thörishaus, Montech AG uses state-of-the-art infrastructure and technically most powerful components for reliable performance: VMware Horizon VIEW virtualization and NVIDIA graphics cards.


  • Virtualized Workstations via VMware Horizon VIEW Client
  • Centralized data center: Minimize hardware, license, and support costs
  • Images and pools for CAD processes centrally in the data center
  • NVIDIA Tesla P40 Graphics Cards: High End Performance for CAD Processes
  • High performance through state-of-the-art technology
  • Reduce IT costs through consolidation and unification
  • Complete support from the VDI solution to the end device, including fast on-site services

"Thanks to the virtualized workstations, we can now work even more efficiently and present our customers with the most innovative solutions on the market despite increasing demands for graphics performance. We are already using tomorrow's IT today and, thanks to MTF, benefit from optimised remote signals, low latency times for all connected clients and reliable and smoothly functioning matrix operations.

Remo Studer, CFO Montech AG

Reliable CAD process optimization thanks to virtualized workstations 


For the development of detailed prototypes, Montech AG relies on computationally intensive CAD processes. Since the demands on graphics and computing power are constantly increasing, the costs for hardware and software components are also rising accordingly. In addition, support in the event of a breakdown of individual workstations proves to be time-consuming. The result: economic loss due to downtimes.


MTF has set up 15 completely new virtualized workstations and connected them to a centralized data center using VMware Horizon VIEW Client. Through virtualization, each employee or user can access his or her own work environment via login, potential downtimes are minimized. Since support in the event of updates and (imminent) system crashes focuses exclusively on the data center, response times are minimized and optimized. By using the most innovative, powerful technology such as NVIDIA graphics cards, all CAD developments can run with the best possible performance and are sustainably secured.

Montech AG 

In 1964 Ermano Tech AG was founded to build automatic assembly machines for the watch industry. In the meantime, the company has undergone an enormous development. Since 1974 it has been operating under the name Montech AG. The small craft business has become a global player with a second location in the USA and an extensive portfolio in the fields of automation and conveyor technology. Montech AG develops and distributes modular standard components for the automation of transport, assembly and production processes.

CAD graphics performance



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