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Storage Replacement with new All-Flash solution for more performance and reliability 

The outdated storage infrastructure at the software and consulting company müllerchur AG delayed the launch of new SaaS offerings and blocked the migration of large customer databases to current technologies. In cooperation with MTF Solutions AG, the existing MSA storage was replaced by an All Flash solution within only three months. The migration was carried out without interruption during operation.


  • High storage performance enables launch of new SaaS offerings
  • Seamless integration during operation
  • Cost savings through reduced memory requirements
  • Guaranteed business processes through future-proof and stable IT infrastructure
  • Efficient implementation thanks to competent project management
  • Artificial intelligence for proactive storage management

«Our storage infrastructure, which has been in place for over eight years, prepared us to worry. Server virtualization and our expanded portfolio of hosted services led to exponentially growing data volumes that were pushing existing MSA storage to its limits. We needed more performance, more availability and more reliability.»

Marco Hunger | Leiter Software-Entwicklung | müllerchur AG



Server virtualization and the expanded service portfolio in the Hosted Services area led to exponentially growing data volumes at müllerchur AG, which increasingly pushed the existing MSA storage to its limits. müllerchur AG needed more performance, more availability and more reliability to start the launch of their new SaaS offerings. The change to the new storage solution had to take place during ongoing operations and the requirements for an uninterrupted migration were decisive. The expected guarantee of business processes through a future-proof and stable IT infrastructure was a priority for the customer and had to be ensured at all times.


Thanks to a guaranteed availability of 99.9999% of the implemented All-Flash Storage solution, the customer's demand for uninterrupted availability could be guaranteed. The solution implemented by MTF Solutions AG enabled an easy integration into the existing hybrid IT environment. The virtual servers were duplicated during operation and moved to the new storage array. Thanks to a changeover during the night, the requirement for an uninterrupted migration could be met accordingly. Due to the new All-Flash Storage solution with artificial intelligence, which detects problems in the system proactively and at an early stage, müllerchur AG has made a cost-effective, future-proof and long-term investment in order to be able to continuously develop its SaaS offer for its customers.

 müllerchur AG 

The original business area of müllerchur AG, founded in 1968, was to support the Swiss cantons in the accounting of the operational maintenance of national roads. Today the Chur-based company offers public administrations tailor-made software solutions in addition to business management consulting. With the desktop and mobile applications developed in-house, services in the areas of road maintenance, plant operation and waste disposal can be reliably recorded, invoiced and evaluated at various levels to provide a basis for planning and decision-making. The software solutions can be installed on-premise or purchased as a service. müllerchur AG currently employs 14 people and is one of the leading companies in its field.


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