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Compliance with all data security requirements 

MTF’s data security solutions ensure that your data are protected and all service level requirements are met. Highest availability through fast and reliable backup and recovery solutions. Legally compliant archiving also offers the highest level of data protection.

Your Advantages 

  • Cloud and local backup from a single source
  • Completely managed or self-managed
  • High availability and scalability
  • Legally compliant archiving
  • State-of-the-art backup and archiving technology
  • Cloud backup stored in Switzerland

Cost-effective and secure backup and archiving 

You can only manage your data if you can store and protect them in some way. MTF data protection solutions keep your data secure and constantly available while at the same time enabling you to optimize your backup and restore activities. Minimize your data loss risks in a cost-effective way and rapidly restore normal operation after outages. At the same time, you’ll be giving your company an opportunity to expand and grow in line with future demands.

With more than 170 qualified IT specialists and the best possible manufacturer certification, we can offer you sustainable and stable backup and archiving solutions.

A comprehensive portfolio 

Modern backup & recovery

Powerful and efficient backup technology is essential for ensuring high data security. A media break ensures comprehensive security.

  • Protection for physical and virtual environments
  • Uniform management and ultrasimple monitoring
  • Rapid restoration and intuitive operation.

Legally compliant archiving

Archiving, compliant, legal regulations and e-discovery are proving increasingly challenging for modern-day companies. MTF offers a variety of archiving services.

  • Lower storage requirements through archiving
  • Document and e-mail archiving from a single source
  • Compliance with statutory directives thanks to modern archiving

Cloud backup & cloud archiving

Cloud backup and cloud archiving are offered directly from MTF’s private cloud. Your data is stored securely at high-security MTF data centers in Switzerland.

  • Remote backup including monitoring in the cloud
  • Veeam Cloud Connect or backup for Microsoft 365
  • Archiving in the private cloud



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