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Virtualization for boosting your IT’s performance 

Virtualization enables greater efficiency, higher availability and lower costs through consolidation. To provide you with a resounding competitive advantage, we optimize your existing IT infrastructure through server, storage, client and even application virtualization and develop a modern data center together with you.

Your advantages 

  • Higher energy efficiency for hardware operation
  • Complete capitalization on computing capacities
  • High availability of business-critical systems
  • Shorter backup and restore times
  • Simplified hardware sourcing and renewal
  • Flexibility in the face of changing demands

Virtualization at the software defined data center 

Virtualization at the software defined data center uncouples software such as an operating system or a storage system from the necessary hardware.

Our technology experts have their fingers on the pulse of time and constantly monitor the latest developments in business IT.

A comprehensive portfolio 

End-to-end virtualization 

Advantages from the word go: End-to-end virtualization cuts your IT-related energy costs massively and sustainably. At the same time it affords greater breakdown security and high scalability as well as bringing extensive budgetary savings through consolidation. Virtualization simplifies administration and is attractive thanks to its maximum flexibility.

  • Server virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Storage virtualization

End-user computing

End-user computing enables your employees to work securely, no matter where they happen to be. Simplified software distribution for desktop virtualization minimizes maintenance work. Thin clients also optimize electricity consumption while also cutting hardware costs.

  • Desktop virtualization
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Client virtualization
  • User virtualization

Software defined data center

All from a single source: End-to-end virtualization can be expanded by the addition of another layer of abstraction that can be used to manage, control, provision and automate the entire infrastructure A software defined data center (SDDC)  enables state-of-the-art data center technology to be set up, even across geographically separate infrastructures.

  • Automatic & dynamic provisioning
  • Software-based data center management
  • Management & automation

Application virtualization

Application virtualization efficiently supplies computers with the necessary programs. It requires no installation and is far simpler to maintain thanks to centralized administration.

  • Application virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Software packaging

Virtualization as a cloud technology

MTF employs on end-to-end virtualization at its own software defined data centers. As part of this, servers, clients, networks, storage and even security are virtualized and operated separately.




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