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MTF's SME Cloud offerings offer the perfect solution for all industries. MTF's modern Cloud Data Centers serve a wide range of industries, including law firms, fiduciary offices, real estate administrations, insurance companies and architecture firms. All conceivable industry solutions can be integrated and even for graphically demanding applications such as CAD, we can offer the optimal solution for our SME cloud offers. As we already serve numerous customers from a wide variety of industries, we have a very extensive and broad specialist knowledge and can offer comprehensive advice. We have more than ten years of experience in professional cloud computing and serve over 100 companies from a wide variety of professions. The KMU Cloud Services are suitable for all small and medium-sized enterprises that want to do without their own IT as far as possible, have particularly high security requirements, have global branch offices or would like to work independent of location. The existing clientele is already extremely diverse and ranges from industrial companies to companies from the automotive and tourism sectors to associations, foundations, schools and municipalities.

your advantages 

  • Tailor-made industry solutions for all branches of business
  • Extensive experience thanks to large customer base
  • All data centers in Switzerland for best availability and discretion
  • Reliable and secure data centers that meet banking standards
  • Innovative cloud solutions with state-of-the-art technology and low costs
  • Close proximity to customers thanks to 9 locations in CH & FL
  • Long-standing provider with 10 successful years in the cloud business

The Benefits of the SME Cloud from MTF 

Thanks to its many years of experience and the large client base that it already has from a wide variety of business areas, MTF has a very broad and in-depth know-how in the area of SME Cloud. The MTF Data Centers are all located in Switzerland, which ensures a very high level of security, reliability and discretion. Customer data is stored externally in the SME cloud and backed up multiple times in different data centers, providing the company with absolute security against data loss. The 100% Swiss quality through exclusively Swiss data centers guarantees reliability and discretion. The data stored in the SME Cloud is available to the customer as a private cloud. Each customer has a virtual data center and therefore their own isolated and highly secure service area with their own network, firewall, hardware and software resources. Due to the software separation, each customer has a separate, isolated environment that is individually maintained and in which the customer can decide for himself when to install updates. For their Virtual Data Center, every customer can individually book the services exactly tailored to his needs.


The data in the SME cloud is stored georedundant. The data is backed up in two data centers in the Zurich area. In addition, a third copy of the backup of customer data is stored in a data center 40 kilometers away in the canton of Schaffhausen. Due to the large distance between the data centers, the data is extremely secure and would survive even large-area influences such as natural disasters. The MTF Data Centers comply with the regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Finma and thus with the banking standard for the operation of financial and banking applications, which guarantees first-class protection and optimal security of data in the SME cloud in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

The client data is stored entirely in Switzerland and not distributed to servers all over the world, as is the case with other providers, which ensures additional security, data protection and discretion. The data centers also have an electronic monitoring system and are supervised daily for twenty-four hours by local security personnel.


Highest availability of SME data in the cloud

Thanks to the high-availability strategy, the SME data is permanently stored in the MTF cloud in two identical, completely redundant data centers (streched cluster principle). In the event of an interruption in one data center, the cloud environment is continued in the second data center. Because data is synchronized in real time, customer data is always in two data centers at the same time. In order to further increase security, customer data is backed up to a third data centre in the canton of Schaffhausen. This is located at a great distance from the other two data centers in the Zurich area, which guarantees geo-redundancy and data protection as well as fail-safety even in the event of large-area influences such as natural disasters.

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