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When choosing the right cloud provider, the security of the data and the best possible availability are regularly in the foreground. Particularly in industries with sensitive documents such as lawyers, trust offices and insurance companies, the data stored in the cloud must never be passed on to unauthorized third parties. MTF's offerings guarantee maximum data security and availability and ensure first-class cloud security in Switzerland. The MTF Swiss Cloud meets the demanding requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Finma as well as the security requirements of the banking standard for financial and banking applications. The MTF Swiss Cloud guarantees excellent data security and data protection in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The MTF data centres are all located in Switzerland, which means that the greatest possible cloud security can be provided. The data is stored in parallel in three georedundant data centers, two data centers are located in the Zurich area and another in the canton of Schaffhausen. Due to the excellent computing power of the MTF Data Centers, a perfectly suitable solution can also be offered for very compute-intensive applications such as CAD. MTF Swiss Cloud AG has more than ten years of experience in professional cloud computing and supports over 1000 companies from a wide variety of industries. These include sectors such as real estate management, industrial companies and architectural offices, but also municipalities, schools and foundations.

your advantages 

  • State-of-the-art security concept for perfect data protection
  • All data centers are located in Switzerland
  • Georedundant storage in three data centers
  • Many years of experience with well over 100 cloud customers
  • Proactive threat monitoring for maximum data protection
  • Individual industry solutions for customers from a wide range of business sectors
  • Additional modules can be booked for extended protection requirements


As a user of the MTF Business Cloud, you benefit from a variety of security features, many of which are already included in the basic package and are activated right from the start. The security functions work permanently and are automatically activated in the event of threats. Furthermore, MTF Swiss Cloud AG constantly proactively monitors the danger situation. In the event of a threat, the MTF Cloud Security Center contacts the customer directly and reports on the measures taken to avert the threat. Even the security functions included in the basic package ensure a high protection factor. For extended needs, MTF Swiss Cloud AG offers fee-based additional packages with which security can be increased even further. With the help of the MTF Cloud offerings, extended security features can now also be implemented for small and medium-sized enterprises. The modern data centers, all of which are located in Switzerland, serve a wide range of industries such as lawyers, doctors' surgeries, trust offices, insurance companies, property management companies and associations. MTF Swiss Cloud AG has extensive specialist knowledge and has been offering comprehensive consulting services in the field of cloud computing and cloud security in Switzerland for well over ten years.


MTF Swiss Cloud AG has a very advanced security concept and thus offers its customers in Switzerland cloud security at the highest level. In addition to an effective anti-virus system including a cloud pattern filter, proactive security monitoring and a completely isolated environment by separating all network components and communication contribute to this. A multi-layer firewall with upstream cloud firewall and dedicated firewall with management provide additional security. The load balancer distributes Internet traffic across multiple servers, reducing the load on each server. Advanced Thread Protection provides real-time protection against phishing and botnet attacks as well as anonymizer and XSS attacks.

These are just a few of the many functions already included in the basic package, which can then be enhanced with additional modules if additional security is required, such as unique personal identification through two-layer authentication, blocking of web applications such as streaming and social networking, and logging or blocking of confidential data.


Optimal Cloud Security in Switzerland

The entire operation of the MTF Swiss Cloud takes place in computer centres, all of which are located in Switzerland. This means that 100% Swiss quality is offered, ensuring maximum discretion, security and reliability. The identically constructed, fully redundant data centres are located in the Zurich and Aargau areas.  Thanks to real-time data synchronization, the customer data is permanently located in two data centers at the same time, so that in the event of an interruption in one data center, the cloud environment is continued in the other data center. Thanks to its state-of-the-art security strategy, MTF Swiss Cloud AG can offer optimum cloud security in Switzerland.

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