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If you are based in Zurich, the MTF Cloud offers are just right for you. Here the optimal solutions are offered for all branches of business, which are exactly tailored to your needs. Our Zurich Cloud offers are aimed at a wide variety of industries such as insurance companies, travel agencies, architects, property management companies, lawyers and fiduciary agencies. Since we already serve many customers based in Zurich from a wide variety of industries, we have already been able to build up a very extensive specialist knowledge and offer integrated solutions. We also have the optimal solution for graphically demanding applications such as CAD. We can look back on more than ten years of experience in professional cloud computing services. More than 100 companies from various branches of industry are among our satisfied customers. Our cloud services are aimed at all small and medium-sized enterprises in the Zurich area and throughout Switzerland. With the MTF cloud services, companies can do without their own IT as far as possible and work very location-independently. In addition, the security of the data and its availability can be greatly optimized in a simple manner.

your advantages 

  • Many years of experience and a large customer base
  • Specially tailored offers for all kinds of industries
  • Swiss data centers for maximum security and discretion
  • 170 employees throughout Switzerland, providing first-class service
  • Environmentally friendly with electricity from renewable energy sources
  • With 9 Swiss offices always close to the customer
  • Innovative, state-of-the-art solutions

MTF Data Center in the Zurich area 

Customer data is backed up in two data centers located in the Zurich area. These two data centers have identical structures and the data is permanently stored in both data centers, so that cloud operation can be continued in the second data center in the event of a failure. In addition, a third copy of the data is stored in another data center in the canton of Schaffhausen, 40 kilometers away from the other two data centers in the Zurich area. Due to the large distance an optimal data security is achieved, so that the availability of the data is guaranteed even in case of large-area events such as natural disasters. The data centers of MTF Cloud Services meet the requirements of the banking standard for banking and financial applications and the requirements of the Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), so that optimal data protection and data security in the sense of the Data Protection Act is offered.


Many SMEs from Zurich are already long-standing customers of MTF Swiss Cloud AG. Its customers are from a wide variety of sectors, such as the tourism and automotive sectors. The MTF Cloud offers are also ideally suited for local authorities, schools, foundations and associations. All data is stored exclusively in data centers in Switzerland, so that a high level of discretion, reliability and security can be offered.

The cloud services automatically store the data of small and medium-sized enterprises externally in the MTF data centers, which guarantees protection against data loss. Classic examples are backup services, so that copies of company data located on the company's computers are stored online as copies in the data centers. Thus, the data is also protected in the event of a fire in the company building, which would not be the case if the data were stored exclusively locally.


First-class availability

Thanks to the high-availability strategy, the data in the MTF cloud is permanently stored in two identically structured and completely redundant data centers according to the stretched cluster principle. Due to the permanent data synchronization, the customer data is available simultaneously in two data centers. In the event of an interruption in one data center, cloud operation is continued in the second data center. Additional security is provided by another computer centre in the canton of Schaffhausen, where an additional data backup is stored. This guarantees geo-redundancy.

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