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Modern Workplace Work safely from anywhere 

With new developments for the Modern Workplace, MTF offers innovative solutions for open communication and smooth teamwork. Experience the same security and performance as in your office, but worldwide and therefore independent of where you are. The new workplace solutions enable you to create a mobile and flexible working environment. They also increase the productivity of your company and make it more attractive for existing and future employees.

your advantages 

  • Unlimited access to all data worldwide
  • Holistic enterprise security and high performance on all devices
  • Smooth connection of private and public cloud
  • Perfect integration of Microsoft 365
  • Discretion by storing all data in Switzerland

MTF: Revolutionise your workplace with Modern Workplace solutions 

With our new and innovative Modern Workplace solutions, MTF goes one step further to help you achieve open communication and smooth teamwork. As a leader in this field, we understand the importance of an effective and efficient work environment. That's why we've focused on continuously improving our Workplace solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our Modern Workplace approach not only gives you the same security and performance as your office, but also allows you to be productive wherever you are in the world. Whether you work from a home office, on the road or in another country, our solutions ensure that you can access all relevant information and tools anytime, anywhere. As a result, you are able to collaborate seamlessly with your team members, regardless of geographical distances.

In addition, our Workplace solutions are designed to create a mobile and flexible work environment. With the integration of modern technologies and tools, we offer you the possibility to do your work on different devices and platforms. Be it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone - you always have full control over your work processes.

Another great benefit of our Modern Workplace solutions is the increase in your company's productivity. By using efficient communication and collaboration tools, teams can share ideas, work together on projects and make decisions faster. This leads to faster completion of tasks and a more effective workflow overall.

Not only is productivity increased, but also the attractiveness of your company for existing and future employees. In the modern working environment, flexibility and mobility are becoming increasingly important. By offering your employees the opportunity to work from anywhere, you improve the work-life balance and increase job satisfaction. This helps to attract talented professionals and retain them in the long term.

Overall, MTF's Modern Workplace offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to succeed in today's digital world. By optimising your work environment and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, your business will become more efficient, agile and competitive. Contact us today to learn more about our Modern Workplace solutions and how they can support your business goals.

Full Workplace Solution Everything from one source 

MTF offers a complete package for a contemporary and innovative workplace. The all-round service starts with comprehensive advice and includes installation, service and maintenance for cloud services as well as for your local computer systems.

Unification of Public and Private Cloud

MTF's highly secure private cloud is seamlessly combined with popular public cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive through our innovative workplace solutions on your end devices.

- Easy file exchange between public and privat cloud.
- Highest security and discretion through the encrypted MTF Privat Cloud in Swiss data centers.



Perfect integration of Microsoft 365 in the private cloud

Through the complete integration of Microsoft 365 into the encrypted private cloud of MTF, you have worldwide access to the workplace you are used to from your office, including all your office applications. No matter where you are in the world, all Microsoft 365 applications are automatically synchronized in the private cloud as well as in the public cloud. So you always have access to the current status of all data.

- The same files can be processed simultaneously by several employees.
- Work with OneDrive, Teams and Sharepoint without restrictions.
- Teamwork and collaboration even in large projects in the easiest way.
- Perfect both for working on the road and in the office.



Cloud Desktop - Complete access even with a poor Internet connection

With the Cloud Desktop, you can access your virtual desktop with all your applications and data even when you are on the road with a weak Internet connection. So you always have the same environment, whether you access it with your notebook, computer, smartphone or zero client.

- Access your office environment from anywhere in the world.
- Enjoy the same security and performance you're used to in the office while on the road.
- No high investments in hardware and maintenance with transparent, consistent monthly costs.
- Also perfectly suited for multimedia applications, production environments and industry applications.



Swiss Private Cloud for highest security and discretion

The encrypted and state-of-the-art MTF Private Cloud offers optimal performance and security as well as maximum flexibility. It masters even the most demanding tasks such as industry applications, CAD, ERP BIM and comprehensive management applications.

- Regardless of the industry, all applications can be reliably operated in the cloud.
- Storage and operation of data and applications in encrypted, highly secure georedundant data centers exclusively in Switzerland.
- Latest security standards at the highest level with 99.95 percent availability guarantee and DSGVO conformity.
- Competent contact persons throughout Switzerland, who will advise you personally in your language.

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