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Managed Workplace secure data, protection and performance 

With our innovations for the Managed Workplace, you get a complete, state-of-the-art solution. Our Managed Workplace enables open communication and optimally functioning teamwork. You benefit from the same security and the same services as in your office, but experience them all over the world and completely independent of where you are. Increase your flexibility and mobility with the Managed Workplace developments from MTF and at the same time make it more attractive for your employees.

your advantages 

  • Unlimited access to all data - regardless of location
  • Fully comprehensive enterprise security and maximum performance on all devices
  • Perfect connection of private and public cloud
  • Highest discretion by keeping all data in Switzerland
  • Maximum security through storage in georedundant data centers in Switzerland
  • First-class certifications (ISO, FINMA, DSGVO)

Fully comprehensive solutions for the Managed Workplac One contact person for everything 

MTF's complete range of services offers everything for the Managed Workplace. The service includes detailed advice, installation, service and maintenance of both cloud services and your workstation equipment and computer systems on site. As your contact partner, we can offer you all services from one source.

Perfect combination of private and public cloud

Thanks to MTF's state-of-the-art Managed Workplace offerings, the optimally secured private cloud merges perfectly with frequently used public cloud offerings such as Microsoft OneDrive. This allows you to use the various services on your local end devices conveniently and securely.

- Optimum protection and discretion thanks to the storage of data in the encrypted private cloud in Swiss data centres.
- Convenient moving of documents between the private and public cloud.


Holistic integration of Microsoft 365 in the private cloud

Thanks to the seamless integration of Microsoft 365 in the encrypted MTF Private Cloud, you can use your familiar workplace with all office applications regardless of your current location. All Microsoft 365 applications are automatically synchronized in the private cloud and in the public cloud. Access to the current data status is available from any location worldwide.

- Work on the same documents with other employees regardless of their location.
- Work with OneDrive, teams and Sharepoint without restrictions.
- Comfortable and comprehensive team work and collaboration even in large projects.
- Equally suitable for working on the road, in the office and from home.




Cloud Desktop - Complete access even with a poor Internet connection

With the Cloud Desktop, you can access your virtual desktop with all your applications and data even when you are on the road with a weak Internet connection. So you always have the same environment, whether you access it with your notebook, computer, smartphone or zero client.

- Access your office environment from anywhere in the world.
- Enjoy the same security and performance you're used to in the office while on the road.
- No high investments in hardware and maintenance with transparent, consistent monthly costs.
- Also perfectly suited for multimedia applications, production environments and industry applications.



Highest security and discretion thanks to Swiss Private Cloud

The powerful MTF Private Cloud offers highest security, discretion and flexibility. It is also ideally suited for extensive industry applications, CAD, ERP, BIM and demanding management applications.

- Regardless of the industry, all applications can be operated in the MTF Cloud.
- Highest security through storage in georedundant Swiss data centers.
- Latest security standards with guaranteed availability of 99.95 percent as well as conformity with the DSGVO.
- Personal advisors in Switzerland, who can advise you in your language.


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