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Kubernetes and Docker in Switzerland 

Containers like dockers are an important technical basis for the configuration and deployment of advanced applications. Kubernetes takes care of managing, scaling and distributing Docker Containers in the MTF Private Cloud so that you can fully concentrate on the development of your applications. Thanks to the MTF Cloud, your data is optimally protected and is stored exclusively in modern, geo-redundant data centres in Switzerland. This guarantees highest security and discretion at maximum performance.

Compartmentalization for maximum computing power 

Through the MTF Private Cloud environment, Kubernetes processes run in a completely sealed off area with resources exclusively allocated to you. The resources reserved for you provide you with maximum computing power, which does not have to be shared with other users. The data centres are located in Switzerland and are operated and maintained by MTF using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures maximum availability, reliability and flexibility.


The scaling, management and distribution of the Docker Containers is fully automated by Kubernetes in the highly secure MTF Private Cloud. This leaves you free to concentrate fully on developing your applications and delivering your services. You benefit from a huge community and a mature technology. The intelligent management and transparent cost structure of the MTF Cloud can effectively reduce operating costs.

Maximum security 

The Kubernetes Engine provides fully automated processes for efficient and easy creation, scaling and management of your applications in Docker Containers. Since these processes take place in the MTF Private Cloud, maximum security, discretion and availability are ensured. Equipped with the latest technology and geographically dispersed data centers with their redundant infrastructure offer first-class reliability and accessibility.

Innovative and automatic processes 

Thanks to numerous innovations, the processes in the MTF Cloud run smoothly. Self-Healing automatically restarts containers in case of errors or defective nodes. If a container does not pass the defined health check, it is automatically reloaded. Horizontal Scaling allows easy up and down scaling of applications with a single command or a simple UI. Automatic Binpacking automatically places containers based on their resource requirements, ensuring a balanced workload.

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Rubén Saiz
Chief Executive Officer